amber chloe came to life after the designer noticed an increasing challenge in finding beautiful and unique garments that weren’t mass produced. The designer, Amber Koeman, grew up in eight different countries, sampling fashion on a global scale – inspiration comes quick on the eclectic streets of Tokyo and the beating pavements of Hong Kong. And yet, it was important to Amber that her new home, Melbourne, would become a part of her collection. The designs are proudly made in Australia to ensure exceptional quality and to capture the quintessential style of the city.

The brand thrives on international trends, exclusive fabrics and flawless handcrafted quality. What results are special occasion items that are elegant but edgy. They will make a statement in a crowded room and leave you wanting more.

From the exclusive materials and unique silhouettes to the carefully packaged items, amber chloe is a personal statement like none other. She is bold. She is season-less. She is magnetic.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. x